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Premier Essential Oils carries therapeutic-grade essential oils and Ayurvedic products that enhance wellness and promote holistic health. Our essential oils are freshly cultivated and distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, seeds, and bushes, and contain oxygenating molecules that transport nutrients to the cells of the body. When using diffusers, our oils deliver positive benefits to the body through small, direct absorption into the skin. Other positive benefits to the body are delivered aromatically and topically, and through normal digestive processes. Cleansing, calming, stimulating, soothing essential oils bring balance to all systems of the body.

We carry Young Living products as well as imported oils and organic skin, hair, and body care products from India that are specially formulated using Ayurvedic philosophy and techniques. The tools of today’s technology are teaching us that essential oils are unique, and hold many solutions to the unmet challenges of health care as they exist today. Revered for their restorative properties to body, mind, and spirit, pure essential oils have re-emerged as a key ingredient to addressing some of the complexities of modern lifestyles.


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