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A Mustard Seed Healing, llc

Using Metaphysical Hypnosis you can improve your personal circumstances. This allows a space to be open where you may begin to truly co-create your reality. A session begins with a review of limiting beliefs and expectations. You are then relaxed but aware of everything as we explore your sub consciousness mind,by passing the ego and allowing a space for manifesting your goals or releasing old patterns that may be holding you back. It is your time to soar.

General Information

Specializing in Past Life Regression Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, Author of Many Lives Many Masters
Motivational Speaker~Facilitator~Metaphysical Hypnotist
Ordained Metaphysical Minister & Practitioner with a Doctorate in Metaphysical Hypnosis~Total Quality Facilitator

Services offered:
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Overcome Fears
End Procrastination
Improve Self Esteem
Stress Relief
Relieve Anxiety
Mind and Body Rejuvenation
and so much more…
come experience powerful, positive change!!!

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A Mustard Seed Healing, llc

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