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Cloth Diapering Mama

I’m the proud mother of 2 gorgeous boys ;) I’m married to the best and most handsome guy on the planet! I have degrees in both Exercise Science and Holistic Health.  I’ve been working to keep people happy and healthy for over 10 years.  Please join me in my quest to spread green and natural parenting methods.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions about Cloth Diapers, Breastfeeding, Attachment Parenting, Natural Childbirth, Green Living, Avoiding household toxins, etc!  I’ll be happy to email you or post it to our facebook page @ facebook.com/clothdiaperingmama .  I enjoy writing for other parenting/family sites, want me to write for yours?

Happy Parenting :)

Live greenly!


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Cloth Diapering Mama

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