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Cure for Herpes Simplex 1 + 2

The Apostles as taught by our Lord Jesus  himself

Said aloud in great Joy

We shall go out and Anoint them we shall slather them down with


With Laying on of our hands we shall cure them of all their sicknesses and diseases

You must understand that the Apostles had been taught the blending of various rare oils for explicit use in their  healing of the sick

Gray’Owl has found several of these formulations written down in ancient manuscripts and upon various scroll’s with which He has incorporated the use of into the formulation of these blends and deep understanding of these miraculous oils


Formulas our modern science calls them, to treat and cure the infirmities as they were called in Ancient times that those people thousands of years ago suffered


This science of Earth Medicine

Has long been a strong understanding and practical use in our

Native American culture for Centuries

I could go into extremely detailed verbiage of scientific jargon and un~understandable use of elaborate words that you would not understand even if I tried to explain them to you, so I am attempting to state as clearly as simply and precisely as I can this information for your education and personal use there of


These essential Oils provide treatment options through

Immunology ~ Prevention and Cures


Bacterial     Contagious   Epidemic   Fungal

Germicidal   Infectious   Inflammatory

Microbial   Nervine   Spasmodic   Viral

and a host of other

Human Illnesses

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Cure for Herpes Simplex 1 + 2

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