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Dream Slate CD by Synthesist

Music is the carrier wave that modulates spiritual intent! Find your algorithm!

We’ve all heard the expression about “making dreams into reality,” well, that is exactly what Christopher Pearre (aka Synthesist) has done with this CD. It all began with a dream he had in which he was meditating by the ocean and heard music in the air and he opened his eyes to see it falling from the sky in prismatic colors and intricate geometric patterns. In the dream, a large wave rushed over him and when he sat up in bed, he heard the wave rushing back into the sea. In that moment, Christopher had an epiphany and went to his synthesizers, closed his eyes and recreated the music that he had just experienced in his dream.  Hence the album’s title: “Dream Slate.”

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Dream Slate CD by Synthesist
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Posted Sunday, September 4th, 2011

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