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Eco Friendly Detergent

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Leading Mfr-Exporters of Eco Friendly products, 

  We sell Soapnuts A Natural Detergent in Form of Nuts which are grown on the trees 

 Soapnuts are 100% Natural eco friendly Bio-degradable Laundry Detergent from trees with NO SIDE EFFECTS 




·  Saponin is released when the shells come into contact with water much the same as Washing powder. 


·  Main essential difference is that it is natural, environmentally friendly and chemically free. thus good for Skin.


·  Keep colours bright for longer of the Cloths. 


·  Eco-friendly no chemical agents polluting the eco system . 


These Nuts are De-seeded and are nicely packed in a poly Available in 250gms, 500gms and 1 Kg Pack of custom design in  cotton bags


 Best Regards,

  Akash Jain


Gemini Overseas


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Eco Friendly Detergent
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Posted Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

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