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Heart Forgiveness Workshops

What does anger do and why do we need Heart Forgiveness? Anger produced toxins in the body that lead to degenerative health crises and situations over time.

The sudden appearances of fatal disease have often been linked to anger and its nasty byproducts as well as. Alcohol and accidents are often the result of repressed or overt anger Sure there are anger management courses, but would you rather manage anger or be free of it forever?  I know what I choose.

Destroyed relationships, failed marriages, lost friends, jobs, promotions and opportunities are often directly or indirectly related to the repression of anger and unworthiness.  Heart Forgiveness addresses all of this and more.

Come to Sarasota for a Heart Forgiveness Weekend Intensive or bring us to your hometown for an event with 10-15 members of your family and friends. You will be happy that you did.

Summer Event dates and prices are listed on the website now. Call us for more info. or other inquiries.  Thank you for considering the value of clearing all the years of anger from your life. The Key is to be Free! Free to love yourself and others, as never before in your life!

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Heart Forgiveness Workshops

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