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Petra Remes is an insured therapist,
Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher,
Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner,
Medical Intuitive Healer, Angel Guidance Practitioner
and a mother of two.
She has also gained a variety of experience
through various workshops
in health and wellbeing modalities,
gaining life experiences and is currently attending
workshops and courses in alternative health therapies
which she continues to add to her practice.

“Together I work with clients to find the core
of their difficulties and help to correct them,
rather then cover up side effects without treating the cause.
This way clients can achieve optimal health, well-being, joy & awareness, that is long-lasting and full-filling”.
“I believe we can all turn our life around and dissolve
unnecessary suffering, if we are given the right kind of help,
have the desire to evolve and gain awareness of our life.
So come along and let your divine self unfold before your eyes!”
Namaste, Petra Remes

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