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Michelle Harris RMT/CLC

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About Me



Northeast PA
Dallas, PA 18612
Within 1- 1/2  to  2 hour drive from NY, NJ and Philly!

~My Mission Statement~
I only teach what I have experienced on this Journey.
Yes, I have had formal and extensive training in the healing field, only because it was what I needed at the time to heal myself or my family. I was deeply wounded as a child (unloved by severely wounded parents) and required extensive inner-rebuilding. As a result of my quest for healing I have experienced astonishing results and success for both myself and my family! My deepest desire is to share with you what I have learned and applied to my life so that you can also benefit from my experiences. There may be issues I haven’t needed to heal for myself personally, but I can still help you rebuild your inner life, own and value yourself and offer guidance on a deeper level.
I really enjoy identifying the real and underlying symbolic reasons for issues such as health or other challenges that emerge in one life and what their true messages and meanings are requesting to be heard or healed.
Because of my own transformative and healing experiences, I am able to offer a knowledgeable perspective on personal growth and inner wellness.

~When you are at peace with yourself, then you’ll be at peace with the world~

I have studied numerous religious and spiritual teachings over the years and consider myself a Consciousness, Non-Denominational Practitioner. I do tend to take a lot of wisdom and guidance from Buddhism, Esoteric and Mystical teachings.

Yep, I’m the one who curls up every night with some sort of underground teachings book or manual I stumbled upon somewhere unexpectedly…

One of my greatest accomplishments, besides healing myself, is being a mom to my 3 amazing teens. They amaze me daily with their strength, humbleness and drive to make the world a better place. People will complain about teenagers, but my children are proof that the teen years can be fun and rewarding!

Why I do what I do….

Born out of the desperation need to heal my severely disabled son, which indeed happen. I have been intoxicated with Metaphysics and Energy Healing my entire adult life, so much that I have made a career out of my favorite passion. You name it, I studied and applied it to my life. Over the years, I have taken bits and peaces of what worked and what didn’t and incorporated it in my life as well as my family and clients.

Chinese Proverb:
When someone shares something
of value with you and you benefit from it,
you have a moral obligation to share it with others.

Client Testimonial Letter:
(Card received after a Life Coaching/Reiki combo session)

Dear Michelle,
You have no Idea just how symbolic this card is to me and how I needed to send it to you. I went out to the store after our session specifically to get you a thank you card. I have danced my entire life. I dance like nobody’s watching! But there’s a “little” girl on the front of this card. The little girl in me who still hasn’t grown out of hurt from the past and who desperately looks for approval from others. How grateful I am to have found you and your wisdom.How hopeful I am that the “big” girl takes her place and continues to dance like no other! You are a blessing…thank you! Love, XXX

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Michelle Harris RMT/CLC
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Posted Friday, May 20th, 2011

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