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Specialized tour operator in shamanic ceremonies in Peru

 Our agency; Wiracocha Tours Peru offers a different way of travelling.

We are specialized in fair, ethnic, shamanic and adventure tourism.

In our tours and travels, we prefer human and traditional sides as well as learning and respect for Andean cultures report.


Our tours and circuits are deliberately organized Backcountry and off the beaten to help you discover the most mystical and sacred places of Peru with their stories and legends and to introduce you to the principles of the Andean world.


You will have the opportunity to integrate into native communities, to understand how they work and the importance of their traditional medicine.


You will be able to understand the close relationship between the teachings of sacred plants and the worldview that the Andean and Amazonian peoples share


Our ambition is to make known to the Western peoples the sacred medicinal plants of Peru and its teachings and respectful vision of nature in order to diffuse these principles for a more responsible and caring towards the world, the Pachamama, our Mother Earth.



Wiracocha Tours Peru, because each path is unique …

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Specialized tour operator in shamanic ceremonies in Peru
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Posted Thursday, December 26th, 2013

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