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The Clearing Institute

“This experience has changed me forever…”

“What I lived and experienced in today’s session is the answer I was waiting for…” 

“This session has made an incredible impact that I know will continue to make a difference in my life.” 

“It was simply divine to be guided and uplifted by you!”


We live our lives as if we are fully aware of all the influences that constantly bombard us from within and without. Unfortunately that is far from the truth, for there are many hidden forces that evade our conscious awareness and limit our freedom of will and expression by independently turning our energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual wheels. 

These hidden forces that need clearing may include:

  • – Past Life Layers & Blockages
  • – Genetic/Ancestral “carryovers”
  • – Subconscious Fragments
  • Mental Programs
  • – Possessing or Intruding Energies
  • – Energetic Implants and Artifacts
  • – Hooks, Chords & “Contracts”
  • – Inner Archetypes and “Monsters”
  • – Multidimensional and/or Off-world interference
  • – Soul Level Wounds (or higher Soul levels)
  • – or many others…

It is now time to reclaim your inner space by shining the light of your awareness onto these hidden forces so that you may consciously BE all that you are and have always been. 

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The Clearing Institute

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