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Tips to Meditate

Tips to Meditate


  • Choose your purpose to meditate. You have different person from another to meditate so don’t judge yourself. It might be just to get rid of your inner chatter, may be to see your real self or some other reason. Ask yourself that why do want to meditate
  • Don’t force yourself to meditate. Meditation is an act of achieving freedom of mind so you can’t force your thoughts to achieve it.
  • Have patience. Keep patience when you start mediating to see the desired results. Everyday you may or may not see the desired results. So have patience.
  • Sometimes you might feel like telling your mind to say “Just Shut up”, which brings frustration. Switch your focus to your breath instantly and let the frustration go.
  • Have a guided meditation track/DVD/CD with yourself likehttp://www.thzthehealingzone.com/product.php?view=1 , which helps you to stay focused and to avoid any extra efforts to meditate.
  • Read books about meditation. Understand the basics
  • Say Thank you at the end.

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Tips to Meditate
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Posted Thursday, December 26th, 2013


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