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Mindful Journey

Through Hypnosis, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching Janice assists others in awakening their inner strengths and connection of Mind-Body-Spirit. Once this spark is ignited they are able to make changes necessary for their personal growth. Practicing from her Marmora office, Janice provides private and group sessions and workshops along with weekly meditation classes. She is also a wedding officiant providing unique ceremonies for weddings, namings and funerals. In all areas of life, her goal is to bring individuals closer to Spirit. “Life is a learning field for all of us and we are all on a journey. Throughout the trip we cross each other’s path for a reason. I am grateful for all my life’s experiences as I feel it has taught me to become who I am today and I know, the trip is far from over! Who knows when and where we will meet. Namaste, Janice”

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Mindful Journey
Category Hypnotherapy
Posted Saturday, March 5th, 2011

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