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Our Little Gardens

Our Little Gardens is a complete provider of organic farming and gardening knowledge, techniques and products. We give you what you need to produce, sustain and maintain your own organic growing materials and edibles instead of having to rely on possibly non-organic products. Based in Southern California we offer our design, installation and other services currently in the area. Go online and become part of our “growing” community! You can request a design or consultation if you live elsewhere and we provide you with the sources for whatever you may need for your garden.

Our Little Gardens is dedicated to teaching people how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to build and empower the community to become more self-sufficient in providing for basic needs by growing organic fruits and vegetables while providing classes for learning about organic gardening. Our disposable culture of consumerism has taken us to a point in time where we are seeing food shortages, genetically modified organisms, and harsh pesticides used that make it our tables, even with some organically labeled foods.

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Our Little Gardens
Posted Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

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