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Shamanic Counseling for All

Personal coaching  with  Shaman Elder Maggie about anything in your life – No course required.

Change Your Life!

This is a chance to have personal service and life coaching with a true Traditional Shaman who has been counseling for over 35 years. Shaman Elder Maggie uses the ancient tools and skills of her own ancestors to resolve the
same conflicts that have harangued humanity throughout the ages.

Whatever you are struggling with, whatever conflicts you have in your life,Shaman Elder Maggie will help you solve them all

by offering you a  perspective from the Traditional Shamanic viewpoint.

She will provide you with insights, suggestions and actual plans of action

to help you have bounty and prosperity and joy in your life.

Of course Shaman Elder Maggie cannot make your life change.

Only you can do that. But she does work behind the

material scenes on the subtle energy levels using her abilities to help you succeed.

1,000’s of people have found jobs, homes, passion, love,

health, a relationship with Creator and much more because of

her work on their behalf.

Just go to www.shamanelder.com to sign up and you will receive a personal email

to begin your 10 week life coaching

service. This work is done by email, IM live

chats, phone and more.

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Shamanic Counseling for All

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