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Humanity Healing believes that the following fundamental professional principles hold true for all healers regardless of modality practiced and should be upheld at all times:

  • That all healing modalities have at their core the principle that all life is sacred and that it must be nurtured on every level for the betterment of humankind.
  • That all healers will honor other healing paths and modalities, other spiritual inclinations and other viewpoints as regards the healing professions as sacred.
  • That they will at all times work with respect, honesty, integrity, impartiality and confidentiality with each client that comes under their care. Above all that they should conduct themselves in a non-judgmental fashion as regards all aspects of patient care.
  • All professional relationships shall be of the highest ethical and moral order and be non-exploitative. All healers must maintain appropriate boundaries for self and client and must not enter into inappropriate relationships with clients or take physical, emotional, sexual, psychological or financial advantage.
  • The highest standards of practice must be observed at all times.

Code of Practice

Humanity Healing expects all healers, regardless of modality practiced, to abide by the following ethical code:

  • That all practitioners should be adequately insured (including public indemnity where necessary) to practice according to the legal requirements in force in their respective countries.
  • You must make it clear to clients that you practice a supplementary or complementary therapy and that it is not a replacement for treatment by a doctor or other licensed health care professional.
  • You should where possible make available adequate printed information for clients that outlines the boundaries of your practice and provides basic information on its method of application. You should also give details of client record keeping, likely number of consultations needed and the fees that will be charged.
  • You must make sure that your client has seen a licensed medical practitioner or other health care professional for the condition for which they are seeking your services. If they have not done so you should encourage them to do so.
  • You must never claim to offer a ‘cure’ for any condition.
  • You must not diagnose a condition or illness unless legally entitled to do so under the applicable laws in the country of practice.
  • If you are mixing modalities, you should make this clear to the client at the outset.
  • You must not discuss any information either imparted to you by the client or gathered by you during the course of the treatment or session to any third party unless required to do so by the law (eg. where the client had indicated feelings of a suicidal nature).
  • If a client asks for advice on an operation or medical procedure or other medical intervention, a healer must not give opinion or advice in any manner. The patient must make their own decisions in consultation with registered or licensed healthcare professionals.
  • If physical contact is involved, this must be explained and approved by the client prior to the session.
  • Healers should not tell the client to disrobe unless they are also a legally licensed massage therapist in the country in which they practice, or depending on the applicable laws in force in the country of practice are required to do so under the professional remit of their particular healing modality. If disrobing is necessary, a full explanation and signed consent form is required for each client.
  • A healer should never touch the genital area or breasts. These areas should be treated only with hands-off techniques.
  • Children (those considered under the age of consent according to the legal definition in force in the country of practice) should not be treated unless with the written and signed permission of the Parent/Guardian. The Parent/Guardian should be present when the child is treated.
  • A healer should not give massage or manipulation unless qualified and licensed to do so.
  • Healers should not sell herbs or drugs unless professionally qualified. Healers should not recommend nutritional supplements without appropriate knowledge and/or professional license to do so according to the laws in force in the country of practice.
  • Healers associated with the development or promotion of products should disclose any vested interest and ensure that such products are presented in a factual and professional way.
  • Healers should co-operate with and respect those who also have a professional and/or personal interest in the welfare of the client, including other therapists, counselors, medical professionals, caregivers, spiritual or religious counselors and the client’s immediate family.
  • Healers should retain the right to refuse or postpone treatment at any time if it is felt that such treatment is, according to the professional judgment of the practitioner, inappropriate for whatever reason (such as the client being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or because they are acting in a threatening or otherwise inappropriate manner). Clear reasons for such a decision should be given to the client as soon as possible.

Some General Rules on Conduct

  • Maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness at all times. Be aware of the comfort requirements of your client as well as their healing needs and practice what you preach. Some clients may have an allergic reaction to such things as cologne, heavy perfumes, incense or the smell of cigarette smoke. Refrain from their use.
  • Keep your premises in good professional order and ensure that all equipment and access/exit points are safe and abide by the relevant health and safety laws of the country in which you practice.
  • The place where your sessions or treatments are to take place should be supportive and empowering.
  • If you are to work with a client of the opposite sex be mindful of the sensitivities of the client and suggest that it would be appropriate for them to bring along a friend or relative to the healing session or treatment.
  • Refrain from bringing your own emotional states into the relationship with your client. Stay positive, optimistic, empathic and supportive and thus encourage uplift in the client’s mental outlook.
  • Maintain accurate records at all times and store them in a safe and secure place. Records should only be made available to the client for whom they are concerned or other health care workers or members of the legal profession if required to do so under the laws applicable in the country of practice.
  • You should engage in continuous professional development and work on your own healing, seeing this as a necessary part of your commitment to your modality and thus to your professional capabilities when working with clients.

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