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A La Carte Wellness, llc

Offering a Holistic Approach to well being through Emotional Release, Self-Esteem Growth and Food Awareness.

I am a certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code™ (CECP), a certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) & a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach (CCSEE)

I am very excited to be combining several modalities to my program which can only benefit my clients into their own quest to wellness and a sense of wellbeing. By releasing some of the emotional blocks and underlined emotions, I am able to provide my clients some tools to enhance their confidence level and provide support through food education and awareness. Based on my own experience, if I feel emotionally well, my food choices come naturally as my self-respect has increased.

The release of emotions is quite beneficial to children as well especially if your family life has changed through a separation or divorce, loss of a loved one; if your child is suffering from depression or anxiety. Sometimes, we just can’t explain why we are the way we are and it may be worth the exploration into the release of trapped emotions. This is a safe and gentle healing modality which brings more inner peace and strength, more awareness and discover who we truly are by removing the layers of “junk” that no longer serves us. I hope to make a difference in each client’s life through a better understanding of who are they becoming and opening their hearts.

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A La Carte Wellness, llc

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