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Akashic Wisdom Readings and Soulrealignment

Are you ready to unleash the power of your Soul ? Create change from the inside out and stepping into divine power.
Akashic Wisdom – Soul Records Reading and Re-alignment consultation
In this initial reading you will gain deep insight into your own soul essence.

I’m an intuitive, psychic, healer, transformationalist, mystical alchemist and lover of The All That IS. Since my own spiritual awakening in 2011 I have been using my divine feminine intuition helping clients in uniting the human and the Divine both as a healer in my own consultation helping clients activate their own self healing abillities and in non-profit ways while I continue on my own spiritual path.

Now I work mostly with highly consious people who wants to consious change and create a life in a way that is autentic and aligned with their soul purpose to 5D living and beyond. It is so beautiful to watch them blossom.
I am danish and based in Denmark but work with people all over the world.
I’m attractting a lot of indigo-crystal clients, maybe you are one too.
I am a big fan of raw honesty so I don’t candy-coat but I am compassionate and understanding that moving forward isn’t an event, but one foot in front of the other.
Sometimes any of us need someone to point us in the right direction and hold our hand when we need it.
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Akashic Wisdom Readings and Soulrealignment
Category Akashic Records
Posted Thursday, December 26th, 2013

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