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Divine Readings(by Cally)– Certified Yeshua Medium & Shamanic Counselor

Gifted by Shekinah Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ to help you overcome your inner demons with specific Shamanic Healing and Counsel; channeling Ascended Saints and Angels into the Heirarchies of the Throne of Father God to help you.  More than just prophecies and readings of any sort. If your heart and spirit are truly open to having your personal breakthrough; no hype, not fluffy easy answers; allow me to help you to your highest good; learning to reconnect to your relationship with the Heavenly Father; renewing your spirit, soul and body to recieve the anointing of the Holy Spirit.   Extreme Remote Healing Sessions and channeling sessions by the hour.  Truly ready for your blessing?  Want understand why you may feel your prayers are not being answered? This is why I do what I do in Jesus Christ.  No harsh preaching, no judgement, no shutting out of anyone!  See me now at divinereadings.com

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Divine Readings(by Cally)–  Certified Yeshua Medium & Shamanic Counselor

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