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Energy Healer

Energy Healer Essences are personally channelled and created by hand using the natural energy of the new moon and the rising sun. They are designed to support you in maintaining your optimal energy balance by minimising the impact of energetic pollution and helping you to release any energy imbalances that may diminish your natural vitality.

Crystal Essences contain sacred water from Chalice Wells, infused with the energy of some of the earth’s most precious gems plus a small amount of brandy to stabilise the essence.  The subtle energies captured within these vibrational essences can be used to help rebalance and realign your natural energy pathways by taking 4 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily.

Aura Essences* are infused with crystal energy and essential oils.  The blended energies of plants and crystals are designed to be released directly in to the aura by rubbing a few drops between the palms of the hands and stroking through the auric field.    *contains isopropyl alcohol

Personalised essences created especially for you to enhance your wellbeing. Using your Christian name & date of birth together with angelic guidance I will create for you a unique essence.  You will receive this together will a written analysis of how the essence was created and how to use it to best effect. Each essence is made to order, for you, your loved ones or friends making an extra special gift at any time of the year!

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Energy Healer
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Posted Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

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