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SYNCHRONIZATION HARMONICS is an essentially shamanistic, integrated, holistic, vibrational, self-healing modality that synchronizes chaotic and disharmonic frequencies in the energy field of the client, thus preventing these frequencies from becoming physical symptoms of dis-ease and illness, under the direction and instruction of the Higher Self and Guides of the Client in collaboration with the Higher Self and Guides of the Facilitator.

Each treatment is tailor-made for each client and can be done in person, or long distance through a surrogate on the massage table. 

More than one person and/or other species (animal, plant, mineral) can be treated at a time, through the person (surrogate) on the therapy table.

Clearing of homes, office buildings, plots of land, and areas of water can be done by facilitating the self-healing of the higher consciousness of these places, as an individual human would be treated.

Angela has integrated the knowledge and wisdom of many healing modalities and God-created childbirth that she has gathered over the past nearly thirty years into the Synchronization Harmonics process. Thus, she is able to offer a very unique modality of Self-Healing and Energy Field clearance to anyone requiring and desiring to assist their own Spiritual growth process as well as assisting souls to incarnate into this 3-Dimensional world in which we live.

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