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Hair Analysis Testing

If you have a disease or illness that has not responded to conventional treatment, hair analysis is an excellent place to start finding solutions.  Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) is an analytical test that uniquely uncovers your nutrient imbalances, including the presence of toxic heavy metals.  It provides a very accurate picture of your internal environment and personal health, something that no other known test can reveal in this way.

It would be impossible to know what minerals you have too much of (including toxic heavy metals), and which ones you have too little of, without hair analysis.  For example:  Your calcium level on a blood test may look perfectly fine; as your body will either deposit excess calcium somewhere else such as in the arteries, leading to arteriosclerosis.  Or if deficient, the calcium in your bones gets robbed in order to maintain homeostatic balance.

About 4% of your body weight is made up of minerals, which are the “sparkplugs” of all life. These dozen or so minerals have millions of effects on various bodily processes that have a tremendous impact on one’s health.   Mineral imbalances may result in, or be aggravated in conditions such as: Anxiety & Depression, Weight Gain, Infertility, Fatigue, Headaches, Hypertension, ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, Hair Loss, Anemia, Thyroid & Prostate Disorders, Digestive issues, Diabetes, Musculo-Skeletal pain, Cardiovascular Disease, Skin Rashes, other Emotional Problems, and Allergies.

Taking a hair sample is simple and painless. With this information, a safe and effective nutritional balancing and detoxification program can be custom-tailored to your individual biochemistry for powerful healing.  This may give you the results you have been seeking for years…

Get to the Root of Optimum Health and Get Hair Analysis!

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Hair Analysis Testing

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