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Heal Back Pain- THZ

Back pain – a very common disease for people especially for those who sits for long hours in a day. And, probably people have started to accept it as an outcome of the today’s life style.

Is back pain really incurable ?

Answer is , it is certainly curable.

What matters is to understand yourself more ? What emotions are blocking the flow of energy in your spine and to believe that it’s easy to get rid of Back Pain permanently. Check in to The Healing Zone (THZ)

Upper, Middle, and Low Back Pain Symptoms

Sciatica Symptoms

Low Back Strain

Nighttime Back Pain

Monica Nagpal, a holistic trainer, counselor and healer, has  healed many people and helped them to get rid of their back pain. The Healing Zone (THZ) is a complete wellness hub, where a lot of people benefitted.

“”I took two sessions from Monica.  She made me feel very comfortable.  She just held my hand and we kept talking and I did not even come to know when the session started and when it ended!  When I came back home it struck me that my back pain (I have prolapsed disc in the lumbar area) was considerably reduced and there was a change in the gait.  After the second session my breathing improved a lot.  The capacity of my lungs has increased as I can breathe in more deeply.  May God Bless her!”

Pushpa Kaul, 79 years

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Visit our website http://www.thzthehealingzone.com, Watch us on Youtube:http://www.YouTube.com/user/MonicaNagpalTHZ

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Heal Back Pain- THZ
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Posted Thursday, December 26th, 2013


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