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Intuitive Counselor

I am an intuitive counselor. Many People say that my readings feel more like a counseling session than a “psychic reading”. That’s because I adhere to the original intentions of systems of divination. The Tarot, the I Ching, the Runes, reading Bones, Tea leaf readings, etc. These are all systems of divination that were given to the 2leggeds (human beings) to access information from the Divine or Spirit. It was NOT to be used for just fortune telling and predictions. Instead, Spirit gave these different systems to Humanity to help give an objective view of the past, the present and the “likely” future and how they all relate to one another so that People could make better choices and decisions for themselves.

I use the Ancestral Path Tarot for initial guidance and confirmation of answers to questions. I have an extensive background that spans over 30 years that has taken me through the disciplines of metaphysics, Daishonin and Tibetan Buddhism, the ancient spiritual systems of Kemet (re-named Egypt by the Greeks), and the original Gnostic and Essene writings and teachings of present day Christianity.

All of that said, I do NOT “mix medicines” and I am deeply rooted on the “Red Road” (the spiritual way of life) of the 1st Nations people of Turtle Island (re-named North America) in a TRADITIONAL way. I am NOT involved in any way with shamanism, which is a term that has been grossly misused and adapted by academics and anthropologists and plaigarized from the 1st People of what is now callled Siberia. You cannot study a culture….you have to LIVE it!!!

I am available for readings by phone or in person from Momday through Friday from 11am to 5pm. To schedule a reading, please contact me at 310-349-9901 or at v2legged@gmail.com.  To use credit cards for phone readings, please use my temporary payment portal:  http://www.wix.com/2legged/tarot_temp  Also, At “Ahma2legged” on Twitter.

Feel free to check my references. I have a sacred responsibility to maintain my integrity and to be honest and ethical.

Bless yourself or another with a consultation today.




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Intuitive Counselor
Posted Friday, March 30th, 2012

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