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Life and Business Transformation Books to Set Your Soul Free to Succeed

t the Everyday Enlightenment Estore, you can learn what the world failed to teach you while growing up.
Things like:

-How to have fulfilling romantic relationships,
-work that makes your heart sing,
-a balanced and carefree lifestyle,
-ways to set and achieve goals and attract more success,
-ways to get connected to your inner self,
-the ability to create a strong spiritual connection,
-help yourself to live an empowered and inspired life,
-ways to take charge of your own personal economy by building your own business.

With divine guidance, Bright Michelle has written each and every book to lead you step-by-step to your personal version of success and happiness.  You will experience “Everyday Enlightenment” with exercises to help you apply what you are learning to your unique situation—whether that be relationships, career, stress, success, spirituality and/or business.

Life and Business Success and happiness are within your reach AND you must be in the right relationship with yourself by knowing, honoring and loving yourself. When you do this and learn to “think a new thought about what is possible,” you can then learn to manifest and consciously create what you desire.

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Life and Business Transformation Books to Set Your Soul Free to Succeed
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Posted Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

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