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LucidPlay Yoga/Hypnotherapy/Healing/Expansion

A LucidPlay session can begin with 3 powerful traditional (non sexual) Tantric exercises that expand the awareness, and then we do spontaneous movement and sound and relating while staying in the altered state, which can then progress into creative work, practicing abilities such as telepathy and energy healing or aura viewing, improving relationships, overcoming blockages, and much more. This works for individuals, couples, and groups. I also do LucidPlay Hypnotherapy, am certified. I have a book available called Tantric Metaportals and a DVD set called Tantric Lucidity that are good resources for this, as well as extensive articles and free videos. I have done healing work for 40 years and taught Tantra for decades. Some work can be done online. I am also a writing coach.

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LucidPlay Yoga/Hypnotherapy/Healing/Expansion
Category Tantra
Posted Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

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