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Mystikka Jade – Empathic Psychic

I have been professionally providing psychic readings since 1993. Empathy is my strongest psychic sense; I pick up on feelings, intentions, fears and hopes of the person calling and the people who are significant to them.

I am also proficient in tarot, reading astrological natal charts, crystals and stones, house blessings/clearings and healing with herbs (however: information I provide about the use of herbs is to assist your own research only. I am not a medical doctor or certified naturopath/herbalist).

In addition to being an empathic advisor, I am the author of The Love Crisis Survival Guide and a freelance artist. I also have experience as a podcast host, celebrity interviewer and the publisher of MetaCreative Magazine.

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Mystikka Jade – Empathic Psychic
Category Psychics
Posted Sunday, February 20th, 2011

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