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Our Little Gardens


Our Little Gardens is a provider of organic farming & gardening knowledge, techniques & products. We have what you need to produce your own organic growing materials and edibles instead of having to rely on possibly non-organic products. We are based in Southern California & offer our design, installation & services in that area. You can go online to request a design or consultation if you live elsewhere & we provide with the sources for whatever you may need.

Mission Statement

Our Little Gardens is dedicated to teaching people how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to build & empower the community to become more self-sufficient in providing for basic needs by growing organic fruits & vegetables & providing classes for learning about organic gardening. Our disposable culture of consumerism has taken us to a point in time where we are seeing food shortages, genetically modified organisms, and harsh pesticides used that make it our tables, even with some organically labeled foods.


Garden in a box growing kits, design, consultation, installation & maintenance of fruit & vegetable gardens, seminars & classes for children and adults in organic gardening, sustainability and preparing healthy meals.

Basic Information

Founded: December 2010


PO Box 3434

Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

Email: info@ourlittlegardens.com

Phone: 323-472-3155

Website: ourlittlegardens.com

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Our Little Gardens
Posted Friday, March 18th, 2011

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