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Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection

Everything has a vibration: the desk we sit at; the food we eat; the dog we run with–and, of course, our physical bodies. While the vibration of a flower and the vibration of a person are very different, each is an expression of energy. Vibration is energy, and we are all beings of energy.

Illness and unhappiness lower the body’s vibration, attracting more dis-ease, affecting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual vibrations. This is true for people and animals.

All physical challenges have a vibrational underpinning. By aligning, correcting and re-balancing energetic dissonance, we can engage natural healing and regenerative abilities.

The ancient mystics understood profound truths that we have all but forgotten in our modern lives. As an experienced practitioner of energetic healing in various modalities, I can work with you to clear the negative & bring in the positive for yourself, your loved ones & even your precious pets. Visit www.lightandinformationmedicine.com

For a complete list of animal services, please visit: www.animallightwavehealing.com

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Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection

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