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Sacred Energy Healing

Individual Healing Consultations – Each session includes an aura clearing, chakra alignment, intuitive impressions, direct energy healing, and a Wellness Plan.  Sessions may be facilitated either In-Person or via Distance by telephone or without your participation – all are transformative.  Only you will know which kind of session you will find most beneficial. Distance Healing Consultations – The Distance (telephonic or without your participation) healing consultations include an aura clearing, chakra alignment, intuitive impressions, direct energy healing and a Wellness Plan.  During the telephonic session I recommend keeping a notebook handy as intuitive information comes through and it’s helpful to write it down as it’s delivered.  During the distance session, without your participation, I will facilitate the healing session and afterwards provide you with my detailed written impressions that will be mailed to you.  Many appreciate having a written transcript of their session to review throughout the years. Spiritual Coaching/Intuitive Counseling-Spiritual Coaching/Intuitive Counseling programs are hour long sessions for those who have a physical wellness or emotional wellness challenge that they would like to address.  For physical issues, we’ll address the physical issue and the spiritual and emotional issues affiliated with it, energy healing will be administered and then we’ll formulate a Wellness Plan to restore your well being.  Emotional conditions are addressed at a spiritual level as I utilize my intuition to determine the origin of the issue, provide energy healing where required, and then create a Wellness Plan to restore your well being.    I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Board Certified Integrative Health, and a Diplomate of the College of Energy Medicine.

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