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Spirited Lady Living

Spirited Lady Living is a safe place for all to come and find support, resources, guides, coaching and whatever else may be needed to recover from eating disorders, body image and self esteem issues. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy life.

I have suffered from all of these issues my whole life. Through years of therapy, treatments and soul searching, I have learned to at least accept myself, actually even like myself and overcome my ED. That’s why I have decided to become an Artbundance Coach and Practitioner to help others that are trying to recover. I am in no means a medical or trained therapist and will only be offering support with what I have learned through life experiences and training.

I am a certified Life and Self Esteem Coach. I will be completing my Artbundance certification by the end of the year. I specialize in Eating Disorders. My associations include:

ANAD – Resource person for the State of Idaho
NEDA – NEDA Navigator for the State of Idaho
MentorConnect – Where relationships replace eating disorders.

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Spirited Lady Living
Posted Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

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