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Spiritual Healing

We are not healers as such, but channels for spiritual healing energy. We all have this ability to heal ourselves and others. It would seem that some people have an innate ability to heal, while others are not even aware of having this gift.

Speaking for myself, I have known from a very young age that I could heal others. I assumed that everyone was doing this, I also assumed everyone could see what I could see, and I assumed everyone else knew what I instinctively knew.

To explain this, I could always see auras, so knew what people were actually like, what they were good at, open, honest, artistic, intelligent, seekers, bright outgoing cheerful people, I could also see who was depressed lonely, sad, struggling with life, inhibited, dishonest, and or addictive.

I could see in a persons aura where they had a problem in their body, aches pains, illness and disease all show in the aura, I would feel not only thoughts and emotions in my own body, but also aches and pains etc from someone I was near or thinking of.

I trained myself to fine tune this ability to understand everything through my own body.

I also learned that every illness and disease has a different feeling, I kept notes on everything I was feeling and learned by trial and error what feelings were which illness, for example with cancer I get a cramp like feeling in my hands and the relevant point of my body.

With MS I get a tingling down one leg and up the opposite side of my head. Every illness and disease has a very distinct feel in my own body.

I discovered through training what I was seeing as the spiritual centres of the body ‘The Chakras’ and knew that if these energy vortices of light and colour were closed, blocked or reversed then that part of the person was in trouble and needed to be cleared and open for healing to take place.

Being a psychologist as well as a spiritual healer helped me to understand people as a whole being.

When I receive a call from a client for an appointment, I instinctively go into a mode of tuning in, I don’t actually do this consciously, it just happens, the same thing happens when someone is mentioned by name.

I instinctively know the problems they are having and why. This is not the case with every healer, there are a lot of healers who cannot see auras and have no other psychic abilities, why I have them, I have no idea. So to explain to you how I work, as I said as soon as I get a call, I tune in and have a fair idea what is going on.

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Spiritual Healing
Posted Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

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