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Spiritual Vastu & Propounder of Vibrational Meditation

I am an ever-learning student of Vastu. Divine Grace has bestowed me with the inherent knowledge of Vastu.I provide vastu services all over world.I was accorded Ph.D. degree.I have propagated the system of Vibrational Meditation for removal problems. 

Swami Manjulanand (Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi) is a spiritual Guru and a world renowned Vastu expert. The Divine Grace has bestowed him with the inherent knowledge of “Vastu” and the power to communicate with the invisible energies. He was born in a Brahman family of Hardoi (U.P, INDIA), which falls within the influence area of ‘Namisharanya’, a great center of pilgrimage where 88 thousand sages had practiced penance for knowledge and liberation. He uses a spiritual approach and senses vibrations of deities present in Vastu-Purusha and merged in every particle of land and building. According to him, the whole universe is a manifestation of cosmic energies of that Super Power. If we are able to comprehend and conceive the flow of this energy, there will be no problems left. 

Swami Manjulanand provides Vastu and Holistic Therapy services all over the world. The healing services include home & workplace Vastu energizing, Vibrational Meditation retreat, Vastu workshops (four level courses), tarot card reading, Vedic astrology, and healing through mudra yoga & mantras. He is a regular visitor of many countries and has been honored and awarded several Titles in a number of international conferences. He was accorded Ph.D. degree from Colombo for his work on the subject of “Good Health through Vastu Shastra”. He has been nominated Head of several world level Astrological & Spiritual Organizations. Swami Manjulanand continues to write on subject of Vastu & Spiritualism. His articles and interviews are published quite often in national & international level newspapers and magazines. For his outstanding and high quality performance of work, his society “International Society for Spiritual Sciences” has been awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 by the International Body “SMR”.

Swami Manjulanand has propagated a system of meditation called ‘Vibrational Meditation’, a practice that purifies and energizes our body thus strengthening our “Aura”. His blessings reduce pain and suffering of people ultimately leading them towards the path of liberation. He believes in, and finds it as a reflection of his inner voice in the Vedic Mantra, which pronounces, “Let all be happy, let all be free from diseases.”

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Spiritual Vastu & Propounder of Vibrational Meditation
Posted Thursday, December 26th, 2013

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