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Stella Seaspirit

Stella Seaspirit helps deliberate creators blend spirit and matter with flickering candles, smouldering incense and enchanted herbs to take their Source-ry to the next level. She offers a unique and fresh outlook on Witchcraft and the role of the Law of Attraction in practice, in an eclectic simple to understand way. Stella is the creator of Magick by Design which is a dynamic coaching stint that hones your ability of energy-craft. She also facilitates an online sanctum called the Sparkling Witch Tribe to foster your Witchiness. You can follow her on Twitter @StellaSeaspirit or connect on Facebook.


~ Witchy Zen blog {weekly} Where energy-crafters connect, converse and commune about practical Source-ry and embrace the spiritual journey in between.

~ FREE Hedgewitch Newsletter {monthly} A subtle whisper to your soul.

~ e-Courses {Enhance your skills. Not your average run-of-the-mill intro to The Craft~ they are designed to unleash your Witchiness, hone your talents and guide you to rediscover your innate power}

~ Magick By Design {1 on 1 coaching}

~ Sparkling Witch Tribe {membership yields a number of exclusive benefits}

Sashay over to Stella’s realm to learn more.

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Stella Seaspirit

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