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Do you believe in miracles? I didn’t used to until my life became one. I had the kind of childhood that makes people do very evil things. Good and evil are choices that we make everyday. But because of a choice I made many years ago I was saved from that kind of life. I didn’t choose good, but at least I didn’t choose evil either. I’m not proud of some of the things I did as a child. But as an adult, I never turned it on another person. I always turned it in on myself. I suffered severe sexual abuse from my mother. As if that weren’t bad enough I was also sexually abused many other times by many other men, the worst of it was being raped at gunpoint at the age of eleven.

I am not a bible thumping believer in God but I am a believer. That is part of what got me through this. My belief that what I went through was not in vain, that there was some purpose to it. I believe everything happens for a reason.

But no matter what you believe, Fact are facts and the most amazing fact in my life (which is also the biggest miracle) is that I acted out my trauma through years of sexual promiscuity and unsafe sex. I can’t count all the times I have been with women, men and transsexuals. I know for sure it is at least six hundred encounters with different partners and possibly over a thousand. I usually paid for it. I should have caught aids years ago but I didn’t. I was on a mission to destroy myself. The fact is Julie kept me from catching aids.
She saved my life and my soul.

For miracles to happen there is usually an angel involved. And my angel is Julie White. When a friend of mine told me about her those many years ago I didn’t believe in psychics at all. 99% off those claiming to be psychics are fakes but I relented and finally went to see her. That day that I sat down to meet her in that minute I knew she was the answer to my problems. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew. You see Julie is not really a psychic. She never once in all the years I have known her told me my future. She let me make my own mistakes. She is a true seer, a true spiritual master, but unlike any other. Something so many claim but so few really have. She is one in a billion . She is the definition of love-sacrifice, acceptance and forgiveness. She has sacrificed her life for me not once but several times in many different ways. I caused her allot of problems but she always forgave me. And she never judged me. She kept me safe all these years. Julie is a true servant of God. She does his work. I knew as anyone else that meets her, that she is real.

All of us have an internal compass that tells us right from wrong. It tells us when we are not living the life we could be living. It tells us to stop punishing ourselves or others. It tells us to love and not to hate. It gives us hope, faith and truth no matter what is going on around us. It tells us these things no matter who we are. Most of us choose not to listen to it. Or we are so blind & deaf in our self-deception that we cannot hear it.

That is where Julie comes in. She helps us to clear away all the garbage that stops us from hearing our own inner voice.

But we all have choices to make in life.

So you can choose to keep living the way you are living, the same old same routine, not getting what you want in life, not being happy or suffering needlessly.

Or you can let Julie help you like she did me.

If you still doubt that angels exist and miracles really do happen then just read my story and you will see that they do!

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