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Thriving on paradise earth Ebooks

Very early in my life, I discovered that the way a story was told could change its meaning. Multiple words are interpreted through our perceptions. I was attracted to happy personalities as I knew that their stories would please me. I did not know however that I was making a choice that was going to shape my life. Intuitively, I knew that happiness is found in an invisible realm between the words where our real personality resides and that well-being depends entirely on our understanding of reality.  Everyone has its own subjective vision of the world!

 I searched for well-being through my own subjective journey and I met a dimension of myself that gives me all the happiness I desire. I share how I discovered my new identity in my book «I am between the words” and its effect on my perceptions in my book “the golden earth”. Also, how emotions can free us from the power of words in my book “the world of emotions revealed”


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Thriving on paradise earth Ebooks
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Posted Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

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