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Wing Therapy™ by: B.B. Berg

B.B. Berg I am a singer,composer,performer who uses the Healing Arts as an integral part of my show using Music,Dance,Laugh Therapy and beyond. I teach Wing Therapy™ and make available the purchase of these Wings that we use in class for a very resonable price. (see http://butterflydreamz.com/products

 What is Wing Therapy? Wing Therapy ™  is all about revealing our Joy and Bliss, Bringing out our Inner Child and Truly Loving Ourselves! We all know that when we play and have fun we are in alignment with our true nature,our source and our purity. Something genuine occurs inside of our beings when we do this and we feel wonderful! Great exercise Workout for Abs, Waist, Arms, Grace and Posture Increase Joy and Self Esteeem. Profound Benefits such as:

Why Wing Therapy™ makes people so happy?

    Swooping: Fluffs, Stimulates, Cleanses and brings Oxygen into our Auras. 

    Movements: Martial Arts and Yogic type movements – Finds your Center and Settles into your Core. 

    Breathing: Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing has numerous benefits. 

    Inner Child Awakening: Wakes up our Pure Joy and Laughter!

A child laughs at least 200 times a day and adult around 12!  Never abandon your “Inner Child” for they will not be happy and symptoms of this will appear in your body! 

    Creativity is stimulated: We use our right brain and Live in the Creative Flow.

Endorphins and Serotonin: And other Happy chemicals increase. 

    Self Esteem: We feel beautiful and so it is! 

    Color Therapy: We are stimulated by all the Vibrant Wing colors,

Pick a color that your life needs! 

    Cardio Workout: We dance with our arms above our hearts,

For a maximum cardio workout. 

    The Joy and High Vibrations of Music and dance: We are in the zone!

    Strengthens our Connection to the Heavens and The Earth: We become grounded by the Earth and connected to Source by the Sky!   

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Wing Therapy™ by: B.B. Berg

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