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Wing Therapy™

 1. Swooping: the swooping movements of the Wings all around our bodies fluff, stimulate, and spiritually cleanse our auras.

 This means bringing in fresh air, expanding,

cleaning, stimulating and activating the chakras;

thereby allowing us to achieve a real sense of harmony and peace within our bodies and spirit.


      2.  Movements: Many of the circular movements involved in the swooping are strangely similar in essence to Martial Arts moves used for thousands of years to find your center and settle into your core.


     3.  Breath: We do deep breathing in our warm-ups and follow our breath throughout all the exercises.

The benefits of proper diaphragmatic  breathing

are so numerous I’ll just put a couple here. 

 a) Reduces stress 

 b) Benefits for respiratory ailments like asthma and the like

   c) Weight loss 

 d) Better sleep e) Boosts immune system


  4.  Inner Child Awakening: It’s extremely clear that when we play our Inner Child Rejoices!

It feels welcome, loved, needed, safe and protected.

These Wings are nothing but a child playing!

Be it a fairy princess or simply letting our imaginations completely go as we fly though the cosmos!


  5.  Creativity is stimulated:

This is because we are using our right brain and living in the creative flow

 as we swoop and dance and rejoice at life!


  6. Endorphin levels and other happy chemicals

(serotonin etc.) are automatically produced in our brains as we play.


  7. Self Esteem: We feel beautiful, handsome, graceful and gorgeous and so it is!


  8.  Color Therapy:

 All the rainbow colors spin around us joyfully and we enter into a new zone stimulated by each and every colo


  9.  Cardio Workout: This I discovered is due to the fact you keep your arms well above your heart which gives one an unparalleled cardiovascular workout and a weight lifting regime for arms and shoulders.(depending on the weight of the poles )

Some of my students have put in much heavier poles than the ones they come with for an even more vigorous work-out.



  10. The Joy and High vibrations of Music and Dance:


“The life and essence of art-whether it is painting, music or dance

— lies in expressing a wellspring of emotion,

the universal realm of the human spirit. It is the melding of the individual and the universal.

That is why great art reaches our beyond ethnic and national barriers to move people the world over”

 Daisaku Ikeda.


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Wing Therapy™

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